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School Closure: Middle School Educational Opportunities

School Closure: Middle School Student Educational Opportunities


            Due to the school closure starting on March 17th until further notice we will have educational opportunities for our middle school students to remain engaged. The hope is that we will return from this closure with minimal reteaching and be able to continue with where the students would have been if the closure did not occur. We do understand that many of your students will have added roles at home as daycare providers. We have decided as a staff to minimize the number of assignments coming home during this time to 2-3 a week per class. Teachers will still be in contact through various platforms each day (i.e.: phone, google classroom, gmail, and other online platforms). Please remember that during this closure if it was a planned no school day (March 27th) it will remain a no school day and staff will not be available on those days. Below is a list of each middle school teachers’ expectations and where students can find resources and classwork.


Ms. Biggs (Band): 6-8th grade students will have an opportunity to do lessons through zoom. If a student is unable to make that lesson time possible please email me to let me know. They will have a weekly assignment on Sight Reading factory. They are all already signed up for it. I will be available from 9AM-1PM daily to answer any questions you may have. 

Mrs. Kay (Resource): All assignments will be available on google classroom. Students should complete tasks and then mark assignment complete on classroom. I will communicate daily to check in on student progress. Please email me at mkay@underwoodschools.org with any questions or concerns. If students need additional help understanding assignments, please email me to set up a Zoom video meeting. 

Mrs. Hjelle (7th Reading/English): 7th grade English and reading- All assignments and guidance will be given through Google Classroom and Zoom.  I will be available from 12:30-2:30 every school day for questions and communication.

Mrs. Stamp (7/8 Science): Students: I will be communicating to students through email and/or google classroom daily, Monday-Friday.  I plan to check my email daily for correspondence and also have “online office hours” where I will be at my computer for instant communication if needed.  
  Assignments will be posted/submitted on google classroom.  Occasionally, students will be assigned activities through the HMH portal (student ebooks), but information about the assignment will be found on the google classroom page.  Daily “online office hours” also be posted and updated here.
 - Currently, there is an assignment posted on google classroom that is due on Wednesday, March 18.
 -HMH portal link:  
             Some students also chose to have hard copies of their books, which they picked up today. Parents: Updated classrooms and assignments/expectations can be found on my planbook website.  Please communicate with your students about upcoming activities and assignment due dates, or if would like to see our google classroom.  If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at kstamp@underwoodschools.org

Mrs. Privia – (8th grade English and reading classes): I will communicate all lessons through Google Classroom, email, and Planbook. I will be doing most of my work from 9:00 - 12:00 most mornings, and then I will check in periodically in the afternoon.

AR tests can be taken from home.

Ms. Bolduan (7/8 Social Studies): Google Classroom and email will be utilized for all assignments and communication.  I will check my email periodically throughout regular school hours to answer questions and provide extra assistance

Mr. Mechaelsen (6th Science and Social Studies): All assignments and communication will be done through Google Classroom and through student's email. I will also update my planbook weekly so that parents can continue to check and keep track of what their child is doing in Science and Social Studies. I will also be available between 9:00-12:00 each morning to answer any questions parents or students have via email. I will check my email periodically throughout the rest of the day in case there are any further questions I can answer.


Mr. Ridder: (6th-8th Grade PE): All assignments will be workout based and can be found on TeamBuildr.com (the "e" is supposed to be missing in builder) or the TeamBuildr App.  Seventh and eighth grade students have used this all year, but sixth grade created an account on Monday, March 16th.  There will be three workouts posted each week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Students need to click the check mark to show they have completed each activity in the workout.  I will constantly check my email for any questions Monday-Friday 8:00am to 3:30pm.  Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

Mr. Hjelle (6th Math): Students will get a daily email explaining daily expectations.  All videos, worksheets, and notes will be found on Planbook, most graded assignments will be sent using Google Classroom.  I know that daily situations for each student may differ so I will not put due dates on the assignments.  I have let students know that if they need individual help that they can email me to set up a Google Hangout video session if a general email won't solve the problem.  I should be available M-F 8-4, but will also be able to help later if needed.  As this situation is new to all of us some expectations may change as we maneuver our way through this process.  All assignments, quizzes, tests will be graded based on points.  There will not be any weighted categories in my grade book as there have been for the first 3 quarters.

Mrs. Mahoney (6th Reading/English): I will be communicating to students through Google classroom, emails or planbook. I will have online "office hours" from 9:00-12:00 daily on school days for any questions you may have through google classroom or email.

Mrs. Minssen (7/8 Math): The students were given their assignments for the next 2 weeks. They will have 2 days to complete each assignment.  They are to take a picture of their assignment or type it up and send me an email at tminssen@underwoodschools.org.

Students may email me with questions and I will get back to them as soon as possible.  I also suggest to them if they need help to use Khan Academy. If they need further assignment I will email them to them along with the due dates.

Mr. Adamon (6-8 Choir): 6th-8th Choir students will have music literacy and listening activities. Communication will primarily be through Google Classroom and student email. Mr. Adamon will post assignments and due dates on each class's Google Classroom site. Mr. Adamon will be available daily from 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM. Students also have accounts with SightReadingFactory.com to use and submit literacy assignments. If students or parents have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.