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Underwood Community Schools

Underwood Elementary School


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Elementary Staff Email Addresses

Please do not e-mail time sensitive material.

Mrs. Murray nmurray@underwoodschools.org Principal
Mrs. Ferris jferris@underwoodschools.org Secretary
Mrs. Taylor staylor@underwoodschools.org Nurse
Mrs. Williams awilliams@underwoodschools.org PK Teacher
Mrs. McKearney mckearney@underwoodschools.org PK Teacher
Mrs. Beggs cbeggs@underwoodschools.org Kindergarten
Mrs. Gatewood lgatewood@underwoodschools.org Kindergarten
Mrs. Way mway@underwoodschools.org Kindergarten
Mrs. Katzer bkatzer@underwoodschools.org 1st Grade
Ms. Kellar akellar@underwoodschools.org 1st Grade
Mrs. Tennigkeit ltennigkeit@underwoodschools.org 1st Grade
Mrs. Gunderson kgunderson@underwoodschools.org 2nd Grade
Mrs. Hackett bhackett@underwoodschools.org 2nd Grade
Ms. Portch vportch@underwoodschools.org 2nd Grade
Mrs. Heiny jheiny@underwoodschools.org 3rd Grade
Mrs. Murphy amurphy@underwoodschools.org 3rd Grade
Ms. Wohlers awohlers@underwoodschools.org 3rd Grade
Miss Maguire mmaguire@underwoodschools.org 4th Grade
Mrs. Robertson srobertson@underwoodschools.org 4th Grade
Mrs. Hull mhull@underwoodschools.org 5th Grade
Mrs. Irwin mirwin@underwoodschools.org 5th Grade
Mrs. Teten jteten@underwoodschools.org 5th Grade

Ms. Smith


Special Education

Ms. Fairbanks pfairbanks@underwoodschools.org Special Education
Ms. Ford jford@underwoodschools.org Guidance 
Ms. Gunderson rgunderson@underwoodschools.org Title 1
Ms. Masker dmasker@underwoodschools.org Music
Mrs. Privia cprivia@underwoodschools.org Tag K-12
Mrs. Torgerson ltorgerson@underwoodschools.org Library
Mrs. Belt dbelt@underwoodschools.org Computers
Ms. Meyer jmeyer@underwoodschools.org

Physical Education

Mrs. Lyons llyons@underwoodschools.org Art
Mrs.. Moore jmoore@underwoodschools.org Head Cook
Mrs. Williams awilliams@underwoodschools.org Eagle Care
Ms. Johnson ljohnson@underwoodschools.org

Instructional Specialist